Dingfeng Capacitor -- What should I pay attention to when purchasing capacitor?

Dec 20,2019

1. Make an inquiry based on the type and number of capacitor:

According to the supply and demand documents, the seller clearly puts forward the appropriate and reasonable latest quotation in the shortest time.


2. "Delivery Period"

The delivery time requirements relate to the time required by the buyer to purchase the goods, and how long it takes the seller to prepare the trial product, the first batch of small-scale production, and the time required to produce the product in normal time. Although the supplier can coordinate according to the buyer's standard, the length of the delivery period affects the price of the purchased product. The buyer should propose the standard according to the specific needs, instead of pursuing delivery on time;


3. "Product quality" requirements:

There are many methods for expressing the product quality standards of the new project. Generally, the following types of methods can be used: brand, or similar products, commercial standards, specifications of raw materials and manufacturing methods, performance or functions, engineering drawings. Noodles, samples, work instructions;


4. Delivery form Delivery position

The country, city, detailed address, telephone number and fax number of the shipping place must be clearly informed to the dealer. The form of delivery for domestic sales and purchase transactions is usually based on railways and highways. The place of delivery and the form of delivery in international procurement depend on the price estimate. If the seller is required to make a CIF quote, regardless of the sea or air freight, the shipping and insurance costs will, of course, be borne by the seller. There will be different charging methods depending on the distance of the transportation distance. Unless the buyer chooses air transportation, the dealer generally quotes on the basis of shipping, because shipping is the most economical form of delivery.


These four points can be said to be a difficult problem for electronic component procurement.



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