Dingfeng Capacitor -- What should I pay attention to when using film capacitors?

Dec 28,2019

Film capacitors can be divided into two categories: DC film capacitors and AC film capacitors: DC film capacitors are film capacitors that work in circuits powered by a DC power supply. It can be divided into four types: general type, power supply electromagnetic interference suppression type, pulse type and thorough type. AC film capacitors are film capacitors that work in circuits powered by AC power. According to function, it can be divided into motor starting operation and power factor compensation.


Questions to pay attention to in use:

1) The working conditions are harsh, and a fully sealed structure should be used.

2) When metallized capacitors are used in resonant circuits, attention should be paid to circuit malfunction caused by instantaneous breakdown. At the same time, self-healing will cause loss of capacity and cause the resonance frequency to drift.

3) Pay attention to the natural resonance frequency f of the capacitor. It should work in the lower section. Above f, the capacitor exhibits inductive reactance, and it increases with frequency, and its capacity decreases sharply.

4) AC capacitor refers to 50Hz, which should be derated when used at higher frequencies.

5) Film capacitors should be stored in a moisture-proof manner. Excessively high temperatures will cause a sharp decline in insulation performance.


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