Dingfeng Capacitor -- Effects of heat generation in metallized film capacitors

Jan 8,2020

With the development of technology, many capacitors have become an indispensable part of our daily life. Capacitors will generate heat during continuous operation in a high-temperature environment. It is very important to use capacitors properly.

Under the action of an electric field, a metallized film capacitor has a capacitor electrode resistance and a dielectric loss (ie, equivalent series resistance), which causes the capacitor to generate heat. Part of the heat is dissipated into the surrounding environment. The other part of the heat increases the temperature inside the capacitor. This may cause a change in the electrical performance of the capacitor. At the same time, long-term heating can accelerate the ageing of the medium, shorten the life, and in severe cases, it can develop into the thermal breakdown, leading to capacitor damage.

In addition, under pulse discharge, the heat of metallized film capacitors also affects the ability to withstand current and voltage, which has a great impact on the stable operation of related equipment. The thermal calculation of metallized film capacitor is mainly to calculate the temperature rise of a given product structure under certain operating conditions. Usually refers to the temperature rise from the key parts of the material to the environment after the capacitor reaches thermal equilibrium, especially the temperature rise from the hot spot of the dielectric to the case and the case to the environment.


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