Dingfeng Capacitor -- Talk about the factory inspection of film capacitors in detail

Jan 15,2020

As a film capacitor manufacturer, we have many years of manufacturing experience, and we have always attached great importance to the capacitor inspection procedures. It is very important for customers to receive quality goods, and if there is a problem, it will delay the use. So we take this seriously.


Film capacitors are excellent capacitors because they have many excellent characteristics. Its main characteristics are as follows: non-polar, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and small dielectric loss. Based on the above advantages, film capacitors are widely used in analog circuits. Especially in the part where the signal is connected, a capacitor with good frequency characteristics and extremely low dielectric loss must be used to ensure that the signal does not have too much distortion when it is transmitted.


Shipment inspection of film capacitors


Performance check: capacity, loss, withstand voltage, insulation resistance, smooth appearance, no scratches, burrs, resins, etc. Clear and correct markings, uniform ink, no broken lines, defects, etc., no obvious deviations, silk screen is not easy Fall off.


Size: Attached to inspection document requirements.


Questions that should be paid attention to during inspection


① The appearance of the pad cannot be cracked, damaged, oxidized, the distance between the pads cannot be too small, the hands must not be deformed, the characters are correct, accuracy, packaging, model, and external labeling.


② Size Pitch, pin diameter, length, width and height.


③ Performance capacity, withstand voltage, loss, leakage current, insulation resistance. 



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