DINGFENG CAPACITOR - - The impact of COVID-19 on global trade

Apr 24,2020

"The epidemic of the new coronavirus will inevitably have a major impact on the economy and society."-Chinese President Xi Jinping in a televised speech on February 23, 2020.


Japanese Minister of Finance Taro Aso said: "The spread of the new coronavirus is a public health crisis. It may be a serious threat to the macroeconomy due to the interruption of production activities, the interruption of personnel flow and the interruption of the supply chain."


In addition to the worrying impact on human life, this new coronavirus (COVID-19) may greatly slow the global economy.


Coronavirus incidents have responded quickly to international capital markets, especially those with high sensitivity. The price of foreign exchange will be affected by many factors at home and abroad.


In order to prevent the spread of the virus and protect more people's lives and health. The government has adopted many control measures to close places where people gather. Many companies and factories stop production and stop production, which has the greatest impact on international trade.


Although the long-term impact still needs to be determined based on the future control of the new coronavirus pneumonia by governments. So far, the epidemic has affected the international and domestic economies, accelerated changes and changed our lives.



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