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May 22,2020

Cbb capacitors can be roughly divided into: 1. Winding type, 2. Laminated type, 3. Electrolytic type according to their component structure. The electrolytic type is divided into aluminum and tantalum. Aluminum is divided into liquid electrolyte and solid electrolyte.


Aluminum cbb capacitors use an etched high-purity aluminum foil as an anode, the surface of which is anodized into a thin film as a dielectric, and thin paper or cloth impregnated with electrolyte as a cathode. Because the electrolyte uses the immersion type, it is called aluminum foil dry electrolytic capacitor.


cbb capacitance:


1. Aluminum electrolytic capacitor: it is made of aluminum cylinder as negative electrode, which is filled with liquid electrolyte and inserted with a curved aluminum strip as positive electrode. It also needs to undergo DC voltage treatment to form an oxide film on the positive electrode. It is characterized by large capacity, but large leakage, poor stability, and positive and negative polarity. It is suitable for power supply filtering or low-frequency circuits. When used, do not connect the positive and negative poles in reverse.


2. Tantalum-niobium electrolytic capacitor: it is made of metal tantalum or niobium as positive electrode, dilute sulfuric acid and other liquid as negative electrode, and oxide film formed on the surface of tantalum or niobium as medium. Its characteristics are: small size, large capacity, stable performance and long life. Large insulation resistance. Good temperature performance, used in equipment with higher requirements.


Film capacitor:


The structure is the same as the paper dielectric capacitor, the medium is polyester or polystyrene. Polyester film capacitors, with high dielectric constant, small size, large capacity and good stability, are suitable as bypass capacitors. Polystyrene film capacitors have low dielectric loss and high insulation resistance, but have large temperature coefficients and can be used in high-frequency circuits.


Polypropylene capacitor

Symbol: CBB

Electric capacity: 1000p--10u

Rated voltage: 63--2000V

The performance is similar to polystyrene but the volume is small and the stability is slightly poor. It replaces most polystyrene or mica capacitors and is used in circuits with higher requirements.


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