DINGFENG CAPACITOR - - The use of single-phase motor starting capacitor and running capacitor

Jul 7,2020

When the single-phase motor is working, it will involve the problems of starting capacitor and running capacitor. Because single-phase electricity is different from three-phase electricity, a single-phase motor cannot form a rotating magnetic field when it is started, and uses the characteristic of the current in the capacitor to generate a rotating magnetic field to start the motor. So the starting capacitor is essential in single-phase motors. But the running capacitor is not necessary.


The running capacitor plays a role of compensation and can increase the output power of the motor. Therefore, when the load power is large, a running capacitor is needed. For the low power, the running capacitor can be omitted and only one starting capacitor is reserved.


For high-power motors used in industry, there are generally starting capacitors and operating capacitors. For small-power motors such as fans, generally only starting capacitors are available.


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