Product Description:

This kind of capacitors are developed and researched according to standard of American Electronics Association(ANSI/EIA--463).The external  case of the capacitor is made of bakelite plasticized that its character are not only good insulating resistance and strong resistance damaged but also protecting electro--liquid as good sealed feature.It is popular used for the super AC appliance as good life higher degree of reliability and stability.


The motor start capacitor is range of AC electrolytic capacitors.These capacitors are most often used to provide the torque necessary to start Ac motors and in other intermittent AC applications.


Tow25'',6.34mm.Quick connect terminals

Round moisture and oil resistant plastic case

Quick disconnect terminals

Recessed terminals

Long life and high reliability
Working Temperature Range:-10-60℃

Rated Voltage Range:100V-330V

Rated Capacitance:21-2180mfd

Dissipation Factor: Tan≤0.001(50Hz)

Rated Tolerance of capacitance:-10-20%

Without Voltage Between Terminals:Apply 1.25 times working voltage for 2S Without break down or explosion

Withstand voltage Between Terminal and case:2000VAC for seconds without break down or explosinn