CBB80 Series
▷This range of capacitor is suitable for fluorescent lamps,high or  low pressure sodium lamps,mercury lamps and metal halide lamps functioned as power factor compensation.They are constructed with self-healing metalized polypropylene dielectric.An attractive feature is the quick fit addition to the mould case.

▷Lamp capacitor or light capacitor is ideally energy-saving lighting capacitor,is non-inductively wound with metalized 
polypropylene film as the dielectctric/electrode with encapsulated in a plastic/aluminum case sealed with epoxy resin.
Lighting capacitor Specification

Working Temperature Range:40/85/21
Rated Voltage Range: 250-450VAC
Rated Capacitance Range:3-55MFD
Dissipation Factor:Tan=0.02(50Hz)
Rated Tolerance of capacitance:±5%,±10%
Testing voltage:between leading out ends:1.75UR 10S no break down.
insulation resistancebetween leading out ends>3000MΩ