Dingfeng Capacitor----What does a Capacitor do

Oct 13,2016

                Dingfeng Capacitor----What Does a Capacitor do?

A capacitor is commonly used for filtering. But what is filtering?

Let’s look at an example with a battery.Many alarm clocks are powered by the electrical outlet on the wall in a house. Sometimes, the power goes down. Most alarm clocks have a backup battery that will take over and power the alarm clock until the power comes back on so that the time is not reset.Well, in electronic circuits capacitors can be used in the same way.

Decoupling Capacitors

For example if you have a circuit with a microcontroller running some kind of program. If the voltage for the microcontroller drops for only a split second, the microcontroller restarts. And you don’t want this.By using a capacitor, the capacitor can supply power for the microcontroller in the split second that the voltage drops so that the microcontroller doesn’t restart. This way it will filter out the “noise” on the power line.This type of filtering is called “decoupling”. And a capacitor used for that purpose is called a “decoupling capacitor”. It’s also called a “bypass capacitor”.

Using Capacitors For Filters

You can also combine capacitors and resistors to form filters that target specific frequencies. For example in an audio system you can target the high frequencies to remove them (e.g. in a sub-woofer). This is called a low-pass filter.

Low-pass filter using a capacitor and a resistor

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