Dingfeng Capacitor---How to Calculate Impedance of Capacitor

Oct 25,2016

Dingfeng Capacitor-----How to Calculate Impedance of Capacitor

Our capacitance impedance calculator helps you calculate the impedance of a capacitor if its capacitance value C and frequency f of the signal passing through it is given. You can select capacitance units in microfarads, farads, nanofarads and picofarads. The frequency input should be in hertz. 

 $$X_{C} = \frac{1}{\omega C} = \frac{1}{2 \pi fC}$$
$$X_{C}$$ = capacitor impedance in ohms (Ω)
$$\omega$$ = radian frequency in rad/s = $$2 \pi fC$$ where $$f$$ is the frequency in hertz.
$$C$$ = capacitance in farads (F).
Impedance is the property of a material to resist alternating current. It is analogous to resistance; in fact, the impedance of a resistor is simply its resistance. The impedance of a capacitor is also called its capacitive reactance. 
Based on the formula above, it can be said that impedance is a function of both the value of the capacitance and frequency of the signal involved. The higher the frequency, the lower the impedance of the capacitor and vice versa. This is why capacitors act as a short circuit (very low impedance) for higher frequency signals and an open circuit (very high impedance) to lower frequency signals. 
Coupling capacitors employs the theory of capacitive impedance. A coupling capacitor connects or "couples" two stages of amplifiers. In an amplifier, both DC and AC signals are present. The capacitor acts as an open circuit to DC signals (zero frequency) so that it may not reach the next stage. 

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