Dingfeng Capacitor---How Important The Capacitor is in Air Conditioning

Oct 31,2017
Dingfeng Capacitor---How Important The Capacitor is in Air Conditioning
What Is a Capacitor
Capacitors are some small objects that store energy in electric field,widely used as parts of electrical circuits in many electrical devices. They can start a motor or keep a motor running .They work with the compressor ,the blower motor,and the outside fan in your air conditioner.
Most repairs require to keep air conditioners running (around 85) .There are many components,circuits and connections that must work correctly to operate an AC motor, and even a small mistakes will lead to inefficient and power-consuming cooling system.

One of the key components in an air conditioner electrical system is the capacitors.The motor driver and fans won't be able to work if without capacitors.And when the capacitor has something wrong ,there will be some potential problems that need us to check carefully.
Put it simply,you can check the capacitor if you have a voltmeter ,it can tell you if that works.And there is a more simple way to check just by watching and listening .Do as followings:

1.Do you hear any humming?
2.Do you see the fan spinning?

So if the A/C is humming but the fan can't running,so as followings:

●Find a long skinny stick .
●Slide the stick through the fan grate and push one of the fan blades.

If the fan takes off on its own and keeps running ,then you maybe have a problem in the capacitor.

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