Dingfeng Capacitor---What is the role of air conditioning capacitor and how to buy air conditioning capacitor?

Apr 11,2018

What is the role of air conditioning capacitor and how to buy air conditioning capacitor?

In daily life, air conditioning is one of the necessary household appliances, especially in summer and winter, the frequency of air conditioning is very high, and people are relying more and more on it. What is the role of air conditioning capacitors and how to buy air conditioning capacitors?

What is the function of air conditioning capacitor?

Air conditioning capacitor is a device for motor start effect, if after electric motor won't turn, that means the capacitor is broken ,the air conditioner will not work properly once the capacitor is damaged. so the capacitor is very important device for air conditioning.Check whether the capacitor is damaged or not can use pointer multimeter measuring ohms range, if the pointer deflection is larger, then capacitor has been damaged, need timely replacement of air conditioner condenser.

How to buy air conditioning capacitor?

1. At the time of buy capacitors, the first thing is to observe the appearance of capacitor, observe whether performance is out of shape, craze, if so, don't buy, certainly the existence of quality problems.In addition, you need to pay attention to whether it is the same model as before, otherwise it will damage the air conditioning.

2. Second, when you buy a capacitor, look at its capacitance.Capacitors tend to decay as the time goes by or the environment changes,and if the capacitance is reduced to 20%, it will be difficult to activate the air conditioning.Therefore, we should choose a large capacitor in the range of air conditioning, so that the air conditioning can be used longer.

3. Capacitor for air conditioning is very important, so it is necessary to pay close attention to each detail when purchasing, especially the packaging of capacitor, depends on whether the damaged packing, extrusion, so as not to buy the damaged products.