Dingfeng Capacitor---Metallized Film Capacitors

Apr 25,2018

Metallized Film Capacitors

Thin film capacitor is a kind of excellent capacitor because of its many excellent properties.Its main characteristics are as follows: non-polarity, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and small loss of medium.Based on the above advantages, thin-film capacitors are widely used in analog circuits.In particular, in the part of the signal interconnection, it is necessary to use the capacitor with good frequency and low loss of medium to ensure that the signal is transmitted without too much distortion.Of all the plastic film capacitors, polypropylene capacitors have the most remarkable properties, and of course the price of this capacitor is high.

The usual thin-film capacitors are made by wrapping aluminum and other metal foil as electrodes and plastic films.But there is another way to make thin film capacitors, called metallized films, which are made of thin layers of metal on a plastic film that is coated with a thin layer of metal.This can eliminate the thickness of the electrode foil and reduce the volume of the capacitor's unit capacity, so the thin-film capacitors can be easily made into small, large-capacity capacitors.Like our ac motor running capacitor,cbb60,is metallized polypropylene film capacitor.

The greatest advantage of metallized film capacitors is the "self-healing" feature.So-called self-healing properties is if the film dielectric due to defects in at some point and under the effect of overvoltage occurrence breakdown short circuit, and breakdown point of metallized layer can be melt in arc under the action of instantaneous evaporation and form a small metal free zone, the capacitance of the two pole piece to insulation and still can continue to work, thus greatly improve the reliability of the capacitor.

With the development of technology, electronics, electrical appliances, communications and other industries upgrade cycles are getting shorter, and the film capacitor relies on its excellent electrical performance and high reliability, become indispensable to promote the industry upgrading electronic components.