Dingfeng Capacitor--Staff Assessment and Commendation Conference

Jul 17,2018

Taizhou Dingfeng electrical appliance co., LTD. Since itsestablishment more than 20 years ago, has always been based on people-oriented,quality first as the company's business philosophy. This is also the foundationof the company's long-term development.

Taizhou Dingfeng Electric Co., Ltd. attachesgreat importance to the control of the quality of capacitor products and theassessment of the work of employees. Reward employees who perform well.


Taizhou Dingfeng Electric Co., Ltd. willevaluate the work of employees every month and hold a commendation meeting tocommend and reward outstanding employees. Mr. Fang, CEO of Taizhou DingfengElectric Co., Ltd. personally commends and awards outstanding employees.

Taizhou Dingfeng Electric Co., Ltd. has been manufacturingand selling various types of capacitors such as motor capacitors, startcapacitors and power capacitors for 28 years. The company has won therecognition and praise of customers with its high quality products andexcellent service.

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