Dingfeng Capacitor--Global aluminum electrolytic capacitor prices rise again

Jul 30,2018

Dueto the sharp increase in the prices of raw materials such as aluminum, Nijikang,the global leader in aluminum electrolytic capacitors, has raised the price ofelectrolytic capacitors: occlusal screw type, radial lead type, and chip typeare increased by 7%, 10%, and 10%; conductive polymer capacitors Increased by7%; new orders will take effect from August 1, 2018. This is the second priceincrease for the company this year.

dingfeng capacitor

The industry believes that the aluminumfoil of raw materials for aluminum electrolytic capacitors is strictlycontrolled by the government, and some small manufacturers have beeneliminated. As a result, the supply of aluminum foil is in short supply,resulting in a long delivery period for electrolytic capacitor manufacturers.Since last year, the supply of aluminum electrolytic capacitors has been verytight due to the increase in demand. At present, the leading companies willraise prices again, which will have obvious demonstration effects on the wholeindustry of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors accountfor 30% of the capacitor market. With the continuous development of thedownstream industry, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry has grown atthe same time, and the performance of related companies will rise steadily.




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