Dingfeng Capacitor - Factory added 76 kW solar panels for increased production

Aug 3,2018

Solar energy is ubiquitous and inexhaustible. Itis an ideal green energy source that combines economics, reliability andenvironmental benefits. Solar energy is increasingly used in many places. Inorder to expand production, Dingfeng capacitors are equipped with 76 kW solarpanels on the roof of the plant for independent power generation to production.

dingfeng capacitor factory 1

The 76 kW solar panels on the roof of DingfengCapacitor's plant have now been fully installed and are operating very well.Solar panels are used for a very long period of time and can be used for atleast 10 years. In the next 10 years it will save a lot of money for DingfengCapacitor.

dingfeng capacitor factory 2

Dingfeng began production of capacitors in 1989.In 28 years, Dingfeng Capacitor have production Sale more than 320 millioncapacitors, Exported to more than 70 countries and regions. For more than 500worldwide water pumps, fans, air conditioners, washing machines, motors, powerfactor reactive power compensation equipment and other products manufacturerssupporting production.

dingfeng capacitor factory 3

Dingfeng Capacitor factory with an area of 12000 squaremeters and a large number of imported production equipment have a strongproduction capacity.Nowadays, 76KW solar photovoltaic panels have been added,and the production capacity will be improved again.


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