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Sep 4,2018

Film capacitors are also called plastic film capacitors. Film capacitor is which a metal foil is used as an electrode. Metal foil and a plastic film such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene or polycarbonate are stacked from both ends and rolled into a cylindrical structure.


Film capacitors have the following advantages:

1. Film capacitors are suitable for a wide temperature range and are little limited by temperature;

2. The life of the film capacitor is very long,as long as there is no damage, there is almost no limit on the service life.

3. Film Capacitor It is a metalized electrode that has a self-healing function and is capable of automatic repair in the case of small damage.

4. Film capacitors can withstand high voltages during operation without problems.

DINGFENG film capacitors

Because of these advantages, the use rate of film capacitors continues to increase. Our common air conditioners,refrigerators, washing machines, pumps, motors, etc. all use film capacitors.

In addition to the advantages described, the film capacitor has a great advantage in price, so the proportion of market occupancy is very high.

DINGFENG capacitors are professional manufacturers of various types of film capacitors. The company has been established for 28 years, producing and selling all kinds of capacitors, which can provide you with the cheapest wholesale price.


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