Dingfeng Capacitor-- Film capacitor working principle

Sep 6,2018

Film capacitors, also known as plastic film capacitors, refer to capacitors that use (electrical grade) plastic films as dielectrics. Compared with ceramics and electrolytic capacitors, it has the advantages of good product performance and high reliability.

film capacitor working principle

The film capacitor is made up of a plurality of aluminum sheets joined together by copper screws to form a stator, and then insulated by a film. Film capacitors work like ordinary capacitors by storing charge on the electrodes, usually in combination with an inductor to form an LC oscillating circuit. The working principle of the capacitor is that the electric charge will move under the electric field. When there is a medium between the conductors, the electric charge is hindered to cause the electric charge to accumulate on the conductor, resulting in the accumulation of electric charge.

Film capacitors are an appliance that uses a relatively high frequency. Film capacitors can be used in air conditioners,refrigerators, washing machines, fans, lamps, pumps, motors, and more. At present, the demand for capacitors for air conditioners, fans, and water pump motors is the largest.


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