Dingfeng Capacitor--August Capacitance Sales Report

Sep 10,2018

Taizhou Dingfeng electrical appliance co., LTD.is from China's capacitor city Zhejiang Wenling, 50 percent of the world's capacitors product from here. Dingfeng began production of capacitors in1989. In 28 years, we have production exported to all over the world .developed advanced technology continuously, with international quality standard and many technical patents.

The annual sales volume of Dingfeng capacitors is increasing every year.By the end of August, sales in 2018 have reached more than 50 million yuan. The number of capacitors sold is more than 6 million. Although it was a low season for sales in August, the sales of Dingfeng capacitors also reached more than 6 million yuan.

dingfeng capacitor

Dingfeng capacitors produce and sell a wide range of capacitors, including film capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, and power capacitors.


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