Dingfeng Capacitor--What should I do if the power capacitor fails and the power factor is not reached?

Sep 12,2018

Power capacitor failure, power factor can not reach the reasons and solutions:

1. If the capacitor is used for a long time, it will cause the capacitance to decay, so pay attention to the detection of the compensation capacity. When configuring the capacity, it is generally customary to use 30% of the transformer capacity as the basis for calculating there active power compensation. If the load is heavy and the transformer is overloaded, it is recommended to use a transformer capacity of 40%-50%.

2, the harmonic content of the power grid exceeds the standard, resulting in damage to the power capacitor. Harmonics reduce the capacitive reactance of the capacitor, increase the operating current, and cause a malfunction.

3, the selection of power capacitors is low,and some projects choose low-cost power capacitors in order to save costs, and their own running time is not long and may be damaged.


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