Dingfeng Capacitor--LED lights are still flashing after turning off the lights because of capacitors.

Sep 19,2018

The LED lamp has a capacitor inside the driver.A capacitor can be understood as a rechargeable battery with a small capacity.When a current is passed through the capacitor, the capacitor continues to charge. When fully charged, the capacitor will release all stored energy at once.

The LED light flashes because the internal current of the capacitor is small, resulting in a very slow charging speed, and the electric light seen by the naked eye is extinguished. When the capacitor is fully charged, the power is released once and the lamp is illuminated. However, after the stored electrical energy is released, the electric light is quickly extinguished. This repeated charging and discharging causes the LED to flash.

cbb80 lighting capacitor

When the lamp is in normal use, there will be no flickering, because the current through the capacitor is large and the charging speed is extremely fast.

The main reasons for the small flow inside the capacitor are as follows:

1. The capacitance is poor. High-quality capacitors store a lot of power, and the tiny current in the line is not enough to store energy in the capacitor.

2. Switch control zero line. It means that the fire wire is directly connected to the electric light (capacitor). The hot line has a high potential, and if there is a low potential in the line at this time,a potential difference, that is, a voltage, is formed. A voltage is applied across the capacitor to create a weak current.

3. The neutral line is charged. Due to the poor quality of the light switch or the indicator light on the switch, it may cause the neutral line to be charged. Then you need to replace the switch with better quality and no indicator light.

4. Inductive electricity. If there are more wires around the capacitor, other wires will generate induction current near the capacitor when they are working.


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