Dingfeng Capacitor--Organized more than 90 employees in the fall group activities

Sep 18,2018

Dingfeng Capacitor is professional capacitor manufacturer,produces and sells various types of film capacitors and electrolytic capacitors. Established 28 years ago, the company has always adopted the people-oriented management philosophy. Dingfeng Capacitor Company pays attention to employee training and hopes that every employee can have a pleasant working experience in the company.

dingfeng capacitor activities 1

On a good weather weekend, Dingfeng Capacitor organized more than 90 employees for the fall group event.

dingfeng capacitor activities 2

BBQ and beer

dingfeng capacitor activities 3

Featuredpork rice

Through this event, communication and cooperation between colleagues was promoted. Employees are better able to work together. All employees of Dingfeng Capacitor Company will continue to produce better quality capacitor products for customers and provide better service.


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