Dingfeng Capacitor-- The development trend of home appliance industry and the application of capacitors

Dec 14,2018

In recent years, the trend of energy saving,environmental protection, intelligence and health of home appliances has become more obvious. Energy-saving, environmentally friendly, intelligent and healthy home appliances have become the inevitable choice for the development of the home appliance industry, and gradually take the lead in the high-end market.Under the trend of energy saving and environmental protection globalization,the high efficiency and energy saving of household appliances has become an important indicator for home appliance manufacturers. The energy saving and environmental protection of household appliances is not only reflected in saving water and reducing emissions when used. It is also reflected in the entire life cycle of design, manufacturing, use, scrapping and recycling.According to the Research of Electromechanical Chamber of Commerce, after more than a decade of development, the energy consumption of major household appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators has been reduced by 30%-50%. With the upgrading of energy efficiency standards for household appliances in various countries around the world, as well as the continuous improvement of energy conservation and environmental protection requirements in China, the market prospects for energy-saving and environmentally-friendly household appliances are broad.


Under the trend of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection of home appliances, new energy appliances are emerging. New energy appliances such as solar air conditioners and solar refrigerators have emerged in the market. Even new energy appliances such as wind and air have emerged. Through continuous technological innovation, Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises have gradually entered the forefront of the world in the development and utilization of new energy. New energy appliances have become a new profit growth point for many home appliance companies. With the gradual maturity of technology and the strong advocacy of new energy utilization technologies, new energy appliances will continue to grow rapidly in the future.


DINGFENG capacitors such as CBB61, CBB60, and CBB65 are widely used in various home appliances. Under the situation that the home appliance industry is in a good form and the production capacity is extremely demanding, a series of household appliance capacitors will have a broader market space.


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