Dingfeng Capacitor--Do you know the eight principle of replacing the capacitors?

Dec 17,2018

If the capacitor is broken, the general solution is to find a new capacitor of the same specification. But what if youcan't find a new capacitor of the same specification? Alternative methods can be used to solve this problem. However, you need to follow the following principles:


1. Ceramic capacitors and paper capacitors

If the ceramic capacitor and the paper capacitor are to be replaced with each other, they must be carried out under the same conditions of capacity and pressure resistance, volume Unrestricted.


2. Mica capacitors replace metallized paper capacitors

If we use a mica capacitor instead of a metallized paper capacitor, it must be carried out under the same conditions of capacity and pressure resistance, volume Unrestricted. In addition, we also need to consider the replacement cost.


3. Metalized paper capacitors replace mica capacitors

When a metallized paper capacitor is used instead of a mica capacitor, the premise is that the operating frequency and the insulation resistance are not high, and the capacitor must be under the same withstand voltage and the same capacity.


4. Replacement between capacitors of the same capacity

If unconditionally limited, a capacitor with a high withstand voltage can replace a capacitor with a low withstand voltage and a capacitor with a small error to replace a capacitor with a large error.


5, metallized paper capacitors instead of glass glaze capacitors

Metallic paper capacitors of the same capacity and withstand voltage can replace glass glaze capacitors without considering the influence of frequency.


6, non-sealed capacitors instead of sealed capacitors

The replacement of the sealed capacitor with the same capacity and withstand voltage of the non-sealed capacitor must be in the case of low requirements on moisture resistance. Otherwise, the capacitor will be poorly sealed and will be exposed to moisture, resulting in poor capacitance performance.


7, use in tandem

Two or more large capacitors with different capacities and different withstand voltages can be used in place of small capacitors; the withstand voltage of capacitors after series should be considered that the voltage drop across each capacitor should be within the allowable voltage range.


8, use in parallel

Two or more small-capacity capacitors with different withstand voltages and different capacities can be used in place of large capacitors. The withstand voltage after parallel connection is based on the withstand voltage of the minimum withstand voltage capacitor.


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