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Dec 22,2018

The home central air-conditioning system has the advantages of saving space, maintaining a beautiful home environment,flexible changes according to the style of home decoration, environmental protection and energy saving, and low noise. Become the trend of future home air conditioning development.


Trend 1: Environmental issues determine the future trend of home central air conditioning. Environmental problems are getting worse. Choosing environmentally friendly green central air conditioners that do not harm the environment can minimize environmental pollution hazards.


Trend 2: Economic disparity determines the future trend of household central air conditioning. The regional level of China's economic development is very different. The demand for air conditioners is different in different regions, and the demand for household air conditioners is also multi-layered. How to design different types of home central air conditioners for different levels of users is a problem worth studying.


Trend 3: Climate diversity determines the future trend of household central air conditioning. China's geographical and climatic conditions are extremely complex and have a variety of climate types.This requires the diversity of our home-based central air conditioners. How to choose the right air conditioning style according to different climate characteristics. How to fully consider different climates in system design.This is a question we should consider when developing home central air conditioning.


Trend 4: Energy shortages determine the future trend of home central air conditioning. From an energy perspective. Although China has a large amount of energy, due to its large population, the per capita energy consumption is not high, and the energy supply is relatively tight. Residential air conditioners account for a large proportion of the current energy consumption structure. This requires that the development of central air conditioning in our country must focus on energy conservation. On the one hand,we must pay attention to improving the energy efficiency ratio of the unititself, and on the other hand, we should pay attention to the comprehensive utilization of energy.


The future trend of central air conditioning has become very obvious. Home central air conditioning is more in line with China's national conditions and the trend of world development. With the development of the economy, new high-end residential buildings continue to emerge. The demand for household central air conditioners will increase rapidly, and the development prospects of home central air conditioners will be brighter.


dingfeng cbb65 capacitor

DINGFENG CBB65 series capacitors are widely used in the air conditioning industry. In the situation that the form of the home appliance industry is very good, and the production capacity is extremely demanding. A series of home appliance capacitors will have a broader market space.


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