Dingfeng Capacitor-- Method for preventing CBB capacitor failure

Dec 20,2018

CBB capacitors have low loss, strong moisture resistance, excellent electrical performance, good reliability, large capacity,long service life and good self-healing properties. CBB capacitors can replace most polystyrene or mica capacitors for more demanding circuits.


dingfeng CBB capacitor

Method to prevent CBB capacitor failure:


1. Deal with abnormal operating conditions in a timely manner. During operation, it was found that the parallel capacitors had abnormal conditions such as bulging, joint heating, and severe seepage(leakage) oil, which must be taken out of operation. If a oil spray, fire,explosion or other serious accident has occurred, the power failure inspection shall be carried out immediately. After determining the cause of the accident and processing it, the new CBB capacitor can be replaced to continue operation.


2. Strictly control the operating voltage. The long-term operating voltage of the shunt capacitor must not exceed 10% of its rated voltage. Excessive operating voltage will greatly shorten the life of the capacitor.


3. Install fuse protection. Fuse protection is provided for each individual CBB capacitor. The rated current of the fuse shall not exceed 1.3 times the rated current of the protected capacitor. In this way,it is possible to avoid a cluster explosion accident caused by the failure of a certain capacitor when it is faulty.


4. Use the switch correctly. When the shunt capacitor is disconnected, the operating over voltage will be generated due to the arcing action between the static and dynamic contacts of the switch. In addition to the requirement that the switching capacitance be selected to be about 35% larger than the capacity of the parallel capacitor bank, it must also be a circuit breaker with high insulation recovery strength between the contacts, low arc reignition and good arc extinguishing performance.


5. Control the operating temperature. Under normal circumstances, it is generally required that the temperature of the hot spot of the parallel capacitor housing should not exceed 60 °C. Otherwise, you must find out the cause and handle it.


6. Strengthen inspection and maintenance.Parallel capacitors should be checked regularly, at least once a quarter.Mainly check whether there are dust and other contaminants in the capacitor casing, porcelain casing, mounting bracket, etc., and carefully clean them. Pay special attention to whether the joints are loose during inspection. Whether the casing is bulging, seeping (leaking) oil, etc. If any of the above phenomena are found, the capacitor must be taken out of operation and properly disposed of.


The above six are the processing methods of CBB capacitors. As long as we regularly check, clean, and replace, we can avoid many problems.


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