Dingfeng Capacitor-- Dielectric strength of film capacitor

Dec 27,2018

The film capacitor is a magic capacitor with self-healing properties. Because of its excellent performance and affordable price, it is loved by customers. When purchasing, you need to understand its parameters. For example, the dielectric strength and dielectric constant of a film capacitor.



Dielectric strength refers to the ability of a capacitor to withstand a dielectric. The greater the dielectric strength of a substance, the better its quality as an insulator.

The dielectric constant is a measure of the amount of electrical energy stored in a dielectric used in a film capacitor.The dielectric constant of a film capacitor represents the strength of the dielectric's ability to bind to charge. The larger the dielectric constant of the film capacitor, the stronger the ability to bind the charge. The smaller the dielectric constant of the film capacitor, the weaker the capacitor's ability to bind the charge. The dielectric used in the film capacitor has an effect on the capacity of the capacitor. The same dielectric is used for the same effect,while different dielectrics are used, the dielectric constants are different,and the effects are different.

DINGFENG capacitors specialize in the production and sale of various film capacitors. Such as CBB60 capacitor, CBB61 capacitor, CBB65 capacitor, CBB80 capacitor and so on.


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