Dingfeng Capacitor-- Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Guide

Dec 29,2018

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Guide

1. When designing the circuit board, it should be noted that there should be no lines on the upper end of the capacitor and the explosion-proof valve, and a clearance of more than 2 mm should be left.

2. The sewing voltage of the DC voltage Yuwenbo voltage superimposed is lower than the rated value.

3. For places where fast charging and discharging are required, aluminum electrolytic capacitors should not be used.Specially designed capacitors with long life should be selected.

4. The overload voltage should not be used.

5. When two or more electrolytic capacitors are connected in series, consider using balanced resistors so that the voltage on each capacitor is within its rated range.

6. Electrolysis is also the main chemical solvent and electrolytic paper are flammable, and the electrolyte is conductive. When the electrolyte comes into contact with the pc board, the wiring on the pc board may be corroded. So that they smoke or catch fire.Therefore there should be no lines under the electrolytic capacitor.

7. Design the circuit board to the back to confirm that the heating components are not close to the aluminum electrolytic capacitor or electrolytic capacitor.


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