Dingfeng Capacitor--How to detect distribution cabinet compensation capacitors

Jan 8,2019

How to detect distribution cabinet compensation capacitors?

Visual inspection: Common is the capacitor drum package, the explosion shell.

View the previous replacement record .Capacitors have a lifetime, and it is recommended to replace them all at the end of their useful life. Capacitor life, usually about five years. Exceeding the service life, even if there is no problem, the performance has dropped.

If there is no problem with the visual inspection and the replacement date is not found, it is necessary to Detection it one by one.

dingfeng capacitor-power capacitor

It should be noted that regardless of replacement or failure detection, it must be discharged first. The power of the residual power of the compensation capacitor should not be underestimated. When the situation is not serious, will damage the meter. In severe cases, it may hurt people. After the discharge is completed, use a multimeter to test. Since the capacity of the compensation capacitor is large, it is generally detected by the low level of the resistance file. The head of the measuring capacitor is exchanged with a test lead. If the multimeter pointer does not move, there is an open circuit inside the capacitor. When the measuring capacitor column is exchanged, the pointer points to zero, and the capacitor is internally short-circuited. If the pointer returns to halfway, or if the pointer is dithered, the capacitor may leak. Under normal circumstances, the pointer returns quickly. Moreover, the faster the return, the better the capacitor.

It is also possible to use a clamp-type ammeter to detect the current inside the wiring when the capacitor is working. Under normal conditions, the current disparity of each wire is small. If it is found that there is too much current disparity, it can also be used as a basis for judging whether the capacitor is damaged.


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