Dingfeng Capacitor-- Take you to know the single-phase motor capacitor

Jan 10,2019

Single-phase motors are powered by 220 volts and are commonly used in household appliances. Its operation is done by capacitors.

Single-phase motors are available with capacitor mounting boxes. The part between the motor and the power line is the capacitor junction box. There are two capacitors for the two-capacitor motor.One is the running capacitor and the other is the starting capacitor. 

 cbb60 capacitor


The operating capacitor of a single-phase motor has a relatively small capacity of several tens of UF. Commonly used CBB capacitors, such as the common CBB60 capacitor. The capacitor's withstand voltage is 450 volts, which is connected to the winding in series with the power supply.

The start of a single-phase motor uses a momentary charge and discharge of a large capacitor to cause the coil to generate a magnetic field. Therefore, the starting capacitor is also connected to the circuit in series with the winding. The difference is that there is a centrifugal switch inside the motor. The capacitor circuit is disconnected when the rotational speed is high.

 cd60 capacitor


Single-phase motor starting capacitors typically use CD capacitors, such as the CD60 model. The starting capacitor is characterized by a relatively large capacity, typically a few hundred UF. The withstand voltage is also 450 volts.


DINGFENG capacitors produce a variety of running capacitors and starting capacitor, including CBB60 capacitor, CBB61 capacitor, CBB65 capacitor, CBB80 capacitor, CD60 capacitor and so on.


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