Dingfeng Capacitor -- What is the difference between a capacitor and a battery?

Jun 28,2019

The capacitor is very similar to the battery, but the capacitance is not equal to the battery. Although a capacitor can store electrical energy, it is rarely used as a battery. An important feature of capacitors is "Let the AC pass, block DC." AC power is the current that varies periodically in magnitude and direction over time. The current of the direct current is always flowing from the positive pole to the negative pole. So we pass the AC current through the capacitor, blocking the current flowing in one direction!

In some circuits cannot have DC. There are also some circuits that cannot have AC. So we let the AC current through the capacitor, blocking the DC current!

In fact, the characteristics of the capacitor "Let the AC pass, block DC" are also the principle of charging and discharging the capacitor. DC power will charge the capacitor when the capacitor is turned on. When the power is full, there is no current! The amount of charge is related to the size of the capacitor.


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