Dingfeng Capacitor -- Important indicator of capacitor

Jul 1,2019

Capacity: The capacity to store charge. The basic units of capacity are Farah (F), millifarad (mF), microfarad (μF), nanofarad (nF), and picofarad (pF). The conversion relationship is 1F = 1000mF = 1000000μF, 1μF = 1000nF = 1000000pF.

Withstand voltage: The maximum value of the maximum DC voltage or maximum AC voltage at which the capacitor can operate reliably within the rated temperature range. Different capacitors have different withstand voltage values, mostly between 6.3V and 16V.

Temperature resistance: The maximum operating temperature that the capacitor can withstand. The general capacitor temperature resistance is 85 ° C or 105 ° C.

Other indicators: Some capacitors have a gold stripline with a large hollow "I" letter printed on it. It indicates that the capacitor belongs to the LOWESR low loss capacitor. Some capacitors will indicate the ESR (equivalent resistance) value. The lower the ESR, the smaller the loss and the greater the output current. The low ESR capacitor quality is good.


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