Dingfeng Capacitor -- Why do you want to make reactive compensation?

Aug 24,2019

First you have to understand what is reactive power. Reactive power is the power consumed by a consumer that does not consume electrical energy. In power systems, reactive power is used to establish a magnetic field and is used as an exchange energy. They convert electrical energy into a magnetic field, which is then converted into electrical energy by a magnetic field, and does not work on external circuits. But reactive power is not useless. Without this part of the power, the induced magnetic field cannot be established, and the electrical equipment such as the motor transformer cannot work normally. The principle of compensation for reactive power compensation is that it can neither compensate nor compensate excessively.

Many electrical equipment has a large reactive power, so it needs to be reactively compensated. After such reactive power compensation is added, the power factor can be improved and the power quality can be improved.


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