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Sep 4,2019

1. Zero-crossing switching: Adopt intelligent zero-crossing switching circuit. Achieve equal voltage input, zero current cut. Switching useless current surge, no operating overvoltage, no arc reburning. The equipment's withstand voltage and current surge are greatly improved. Low power consumption reduces energy consumption in conventional capacitor cabinets by 80%.


2, phase separation compensation: to achieve single-phase compensation, to solve the three-phase load imbalance. For the large amount of reactive power shortage, one phase is separately compensated to achieve the optimal compensation effect.


3, energy saving: the volume is reduced by about 50%, which can save about 50% of the land steel, silver, engineering plastic stool resources. Wire electrical loss, contact loss, device and other electrical losses are reduced by about 50%.


4, temperature protection: equipped with a temperature sensor, can reflect the capacitor over current, excessive harmonics, excessive leakage current and ambient temperature is too high, resulting in internal heating of the capacitor. Over-temperature protection is achieved. After the set temperature is exceeded, the capacitor is automatically cut off and the operation is terminated to reach the purpose of protecting the device.


5. Intelligent network: When multiple smart capacitors are used in networking, a network is automatically generated.


6. High reliability: Cancel the controller and adopt the decentralized control mode to prevent the whole system from being paralyzed due to controller failure. The intelligent zero-crossing switching switch ensures no inrush current surge during the capacitor switching process, no operating overvoltage, no arc reignition, and extremely low failure rate.


7. Building block structure: When the cabinet is installed, the building blocks are stacked.


8. Convenient expansion: The number of power capacitors can be increased at any time. It has changed the complexity of the regular mode wiring, and has the same limitations. It can adapt to the development needs of the enterprise and can be invested in phases.


9, easy to maintain: has a simple man-machine interface. The interface displays the type of protection action: overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, and three-phase imbalance. The intelligent power capacitor has a self-diagnosis function, which can reflect faults such as electronic switches, capacitors, air switches, and intelligent module network communication on the display. Conducive to on-site fault finding.


10. The effect is remarkable: the system voltage is guaranteed to be stable and the power factor is improved. Forecast the input capacitor. If the input capacitor is over-compensated, it will not be input. Avoid reactive excess and fine. Improve the effective distribution of distribution, reduce investment in capacity expansion, and reduce energy conservation.


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