Dingfeng Capacitor -- Energy storage and capacitive reactance characteristics of metallized film capacitors

Sep 9,2019

Metallized film capacitor energy storage characteristics

Theoretically, metallized film capacitors do not consume electrical energy, and the charge charged in the metallized film capacitor is stored in the capacitor. As long as there is no condition (discharge circuit) for discharging the metallized film capacitor in the external circuit, the charge is always stored in the capacitor. This property of metallized film capacitors is called energy storage characteristics.


Metallized film capacitor capacitive reactance characteristics

Metallized film capacitors allow AC current to pass. However, in the case of different AC power rate and capacitor capacity, the metallized film capacitor has a hindrance to the alternating current - the capacitive reactance is different.

The capacitive reactance of the metallized film capacitor is represented by Xc, and the capacitive reactance size Xc is calculated by the following formula.


2π is a constant; f is the frequency of the alternating current signal in units of hertz (Hz); C is the capacity of the capacitor, in units of farads (F).

Through this calculation formula, the relationship between capacitive reactance and frequency and capacity can be more fully understood.


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