Dingfeng Capacitor -- CBB capacitor for motor start

Sep 27,2019

Most of the more common AC motors used in the AC power supply are CBB60, CBB61 and other capacitors. This capacitor has good self-healing properties, long service life and high proportionality. The electrical grade polypropylene film is used as the medium, the zinc-aluminum metallization layer is used as the electrode, the high-quality engineering plastic shell, the flame-retardant epoxy resin potting, and the PVC electronic wire are taken out. Strong versatility and flexible assembly. Widely used in electric motors, electric fans, air conditioners, washing machines, generators, blowers and other electrical appliances for starting or running.


Dingfeng Capacitor specializes in the production of various AC motor starting and running capacitors. For more than 500 worldwide water pumps, fans, air conditioners, washing machines, motors and other products manufacturers supporting production. Dingfeng began production of capacitors in 1989. In 28 years, we have production exported to all over The world more than 320 million capacitors.


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