Dingfeng Capacitor -- What problems do film capacitors have when they are used?

Oct 8,2019

1. The current in the range is not properly selected. The more generated positions are the DC sustain and the simple harmonics.

If the actual required current value is larger than the allowable current value of the film capacitor, the film capacitor heating effect will be formed. Long-term high-temperature operation causes the life of the film capacitor to drop greatly, and it is likely to burst or even burn.

The temperature rise of the film capacitor can be surveyed by configuring it in the power degradation test. According to the temperature rise allowable parameter of the film capacitor, it is suitable to identify whether the film capacitor is suitable for selection.


2. The wire connection is improper. Produced in the application of multiple parallel circuits of film capacitors.

Because of the wiring method, the spacing of the traces, etc., the capacitance of each parallel film capacitor is different in the electronic circuit. It is represented by multiple parallel film capacitors, each with different temperature rises. The temperature rise of the film capacitor in some positions is too high, causing an accident of destruction.

Therefore, it is necessary to properly wire and connect the parallel operation of the film capacitors. Try to be as average as possible to increase the life of the film capacitor.


3. Exceed the specified range voltage. The most generated aspect is the simple harmonic part.

Developers should make preliminary plans based on the configured power, input voltage, circuit topology, load permeability, and electronic circuit Q factor.

After the prototype starts to reach the condition, the parameters of the film capacitors on both sides of the film capacitor, series resonance and other parameters are analyzed during the output power to further determine whether the model and parameters of the film capacitor used are accurate.



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