Dingfeng Capacitor -- The principle and structure of the motor starting capacitor

Nov 8,2019

A single-phase AC motor has one more equipment than a three-phase AC motor, and that is the starting capacitor. The most common are all kinds of home appliances. Starting capacitors for household appliances with motors are a must. The starting capacitor is to give the motor a thrust when the motor starts, so that the motor can be turned up and turned. Without a starting capacitor, the single-phase AC motor shakes at the origin instead of turning it at startup.


Understand the above, when encountering some two-phase AC motors that do not rotate, they will naturally think about checking whether the starting capacitor is damaged.

But the starting capacitor is also divided into size, not just a capacitor can be used to make the motor run. Too big, the motor runs too fast, it will heat up, and it will easily burn the motor for a long time. Too small to give the rotor enough thrust and the motor could not start. Therefore, when replacing the starting capacitor, do not change the original capacitor size without authorization.


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