Dingfeng Capacitor -- What is the difference between the starting capacitor and the running capacitor?

Nov 11,2019

1. The starting capacitor is to make the starting coil of the single motor energized at starting and cut off after starting. Running the capacitor is to allow the motor to compensate for capacitance during operation. Therefore, the starting capacitor must be needed, and the running capacitor may not be needed.


2. Regardless of the type of capacitor, it has a starting function at the beginning of the motor start-up. However, when the motor reaches about 75% of the rated speed, the starting capacitor is automatically disconnected by the centrifugal switch, and the running capacitor continues to work with the motor. The process of starting the motor is actually the process of "column phase". Because the single-phase motor is different from the three-phase motor, there is no phase difference, and the rotating magnetic field cannot be generated. The function of the capacitor is to make the starting winding current of the motor in time and space, leading the 90 electrical angles of the running winding to form a phase difference. Among them, the operating capacitor also plays a role in balancing the current between the primary and secondary winding. Since the starting capacitor is a short-time operation, the withstand voltage requirement is above 250V, and the running capacitor has to work for a long time, the withstand voltage is required to be above 400V.



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