Dingfeng Capacitor -- Cbb60 capacitor characteristics

Nov 15,2019

1. No polarity, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics, and low dielectric loss.

2. The dielectric constant is high, the volume is small, the capacity is large, and the stability is better.

3. The dielectric loss is small, the insulation resistance is high, but the temperature coefficient is large.


CBB60 AC motor capacitor features and uses:

The metalized polypropylene film capacitor for CBB60 type AC motor has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, low price, low loss, and good self-healing effect. It is often used for the starting and running of the one-way motor with a 50Hz (60 HZ) AC power supply.


CBB61 capacitor features and uses:

▷None induction winding structure of metallic polypropylene membrane. Use square plastic shell, and insulation sealed lid for sealing, plastic lid for sealing or resin for sealing.

▷Small volume, lightweight, low loss, excellent self-healing performance. Copper soldering terminal, plastic-coated copper wire, and CP wire are available.

▷With its good self-healing characteristic, long-life span and high proportionality, it is widely used as the start-up and running capacitor. That is especially for electric fans, air-conditioners, electric water pumps, an electric motor, etc.


CBB65 capacitor features and uses:

▷This capacitor takes heavy--edge metalized AL/ZN PP film as dielectric, coiled by high speed winding machine,liquid-filled aluminum case and protective device structure with. It is treated by using refined castor oil or wax as an impregnant in the high temperature and vacuum environment to make the capacitor more stable with a long working life. Meanwhile, based on the principle of safety and proof--explosion, this kind of capacitor has been used as the second age mechanical explosion to prevent design to strengthen the reliability.

▷The products are suitable for home appliance like air--conditioners,air-coolers, freezers and washing machine.etc


CBB80 lamp capacitor features and uses:

▷This range of capacitor is suitable for fluorescent lamps, high or low-pressure sodium lamps, mercury lamps, and metal halide lamps functioned as power factor compensation. They are constructed with self-healing metalized polypropylene dielectric. An attractive feature is the quick fit addition to the mold case.

▷Lamp capacitor or light capacitor is an ideal energy-saving lighting capacitor, is non-inductively wound with metalized polypropylene film as the dielectric/electrode with encapsulated in a plastic/aluminum case sealed with epoxy resin.



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