Dingfeng Capacitor -- Start capacitor wiring diagram

Nov 13,2019

The starting capacitor is an alternating current electrolytic capacitor or a polypropylene or polyester capacitor used to start a single-phase asynchronous motor.


Single-phase starting capacitor wiring method

First determine which coil is the primary winding and which is the secondary winding. Because the starting capacitor is connected to the secondary winding.


The single-phase capacitor starts the AC motor, and the winding connector in series with the capacitor is the secondary winding. Let the secondary winding resistance be R1 and the main winding resistance be R2, then R1>R2 (the main winding power is large and the resistance is small). Use a multimeter to measure the resistance between each of the three terminals. First look for the secondary winding terminal that the live wire is connected through the capacitor. The resistance between it and the other two terminals has a maximum value (R1 in series R2) and a second largest value R1. The one with the smallest resistance value R2 and the second small resistance value R1 found among the remaining two terminals is the terminal of the zero line. That is, the common terminal of the primary winding and the secondary winding.



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