Dingfeng Capacitor -- Air conditioners have become popular, why do we need fans?

Nov 30,2019

Some people say that it would be nice to have an air conditioner for cooling and what kind of fan is needed. But in fact, their role is different.

The air conditioner is responsible for cooling and the electric fan is responsible for air circulation. When used together, they can not only solve the problem of rapid cooling of the room, reduce the frequency and intensity of air conditioning, but also promote indoor air circulation and improve comfort.

The fan can disperse the cold wind of the air conditioner, so that the cold wind spreads throughout the room faster and softer, closer to the cooling in the natural state.


The fan also has the following advantages:

Energy saving

The power consumption of a fan is about the same as turning on a lamp. One summer, it can be done in a few kilowatts. Air conditioners use hundreds of times more electricity than fans.

2. Reduce air conditioning disease

The air conditioner's rapid cooling is also the culprit for most "air conditioning diseases". After staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time, I felt dizzy, stuffy, and sore limbs. Sometimes I go to bed with an air conditioner at night, and I feel weak after the next day, which is almost as tired as staying up late to work overtime.

Fans that slowly cool down are much healthier. Although cooler and slower, they will not trigger physical protection mechanisms and cause adverse reactions.

3. The fan is also an air circulator

The air-conditioned room is basically equal to the lack of air circulation. At this time, the fan comes in handy again.

In addition to cooling, in areas where the air is humid all year round, fans can also prevent mold on indoor walls and clothes. Some fans can also raise their heads vertically to blow up, and when clothes are not drying, you can use it to assist in drying.


At the same time, a good fan is also inseparable from a good capacitor. DINGFENG CBB61 fan capacitor is your best choice.



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