Dingfeng Capacitor -- Air conditioner double capacitor wiring and working principle

Dec 2,2019

Some air-conditioning compressors have two capacitors, a starting capacitor, and a running capacitor. Generally, the capacity of the starting capacitor is large, and the capacity of the running capacitor is small. The wiring diagram is as follows:


Its working principle is:

Start: Both capacitors are connected in series on the start winding. When the compressor starts, the start relay is in the closed position, and the two capacitors work simultaneously.

After starting: The voltage across the relay coil increases with the speed of the compressor motor. When the speed of the motor reaches 70% -80% of the rated speed, the voltage across the coil is sufficient to make the relay pull in, make the normally closed point open, the start capacitor is disconnected, and the running capacitor continues to participate in the work.

When the power is off: When the compressor is off, the voltage across the start relay is lower than the pull-in voltage, and the normally closed point is automatically closed to prepare for the next start.



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