Dingfeng Capacitor -- Various material characteristics of plastic film capacitors

Dec 13,2019

A. Polypropylene (code: PPN or PPS) material has the lowest loss angle, which is suitable for high voltage pulse wave circuit work. PPS material is used above 1KV, PPN material is used below 1KV.


B. Metalized polypropylene (codename MPPN) has a high voltage resistance and is suitable for DC high voltage or AC power circuit work. Those who use the AC power circuit must meet the AC power safety certification and are generally called X2 capacitors.


C. Polyethylene (code PS) has a low loss angle and a low capacity and has good high-frequency characteristics, which can be applied to the work of low-frequency resonance circuits.


D. Metalized polyethylene (code MPE) has a wide range of capacity and no inductance characteristics, which is suitable for general pulse wave circuit work. Those coded MEF are also MPE materials but have Flame-retardant fire resistance.


E. Polyethylene (code PE is divided into PEI with inductive characteristics and PEN without inductive characteristics). Its loss angle is large, but because of its low cost, it can be applied to general DC or low-frequency circuit work.


F. All metalized plastic film capacitors have self-healing. After the material is broken down by high voltage, as long as the high voltage is removed, the original function can be restored by itself.



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