Dingfeng Capacitor -- Detailed explanation of CBB capacitor model parameters

Dec 16,2019

There are many types of CBB capacitors. There are mainstream models + custom models, and there are even thousands of types. Only a few parameters need to be considered in the selection process.


CBB capacitors are also called polypropylene capacitors. The composition principle of CBB capacitors is actually relatively simple, that is, two parallel dotted plates with an intermediate insulating medium forming a core, and each of the two plates has one lead, that is, two electrodes. Capacitance 10p--10μ, rated voltage: 63--2000V. It can replace most polystyrene or mica capacitors for more demanding circuits. The performance is similar to that of polystyrene, but the volume is small and the stability is slightly poor.


Common CBB capacitor specifications:

CBB11 CBB12 CBB13 CBB15 CBB16 CBB18 CBB19 CBB20 CBB21 CBB22 CBB23 CBB24 CBB28 CBB48 CBB60 CBB61 CBB62 CBB65 CBB66 CBB69 CBB70 CBB71 CBB71 CBB72 CBB80 CBB81 CBB411 CBB241 CBB241


The main CBB parameters:

Different types of CBB capacitors have different capacities, voltages, various parameters, and applications. You need to choose according to your own requirements.

1. Capacity. Taking CBB22 capacitor as an example, its capacity range is 0.0047-3.3Uf.

2. Error. Common error ranges are: ± 5% (J), ± 10% (K), ± 20% (M).

3. Size. This is the most, and can also be customized.

4. Voltage. The main voltages are 250V, 400V, 630V.

5. Material.

6, feet from feet to feet.


If you don't know how to select, please contact us. We will quickly select the right product model based on your requirements.



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