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Feb 27,2020

Coronavirus 2019 (abbreviated as "COVID-19") is a new virus in the virus family that can be transmitted from person to person, causing life-threatening respiratory diseases, including pneumonia. The new coronavirus was first discovered in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, and is now found in 32 locations around the world. In view of the seriousness of this virus transmission, the World Health Organization's International Health Regulations Emergency Response Committee announced on January 30, 2020 that the new coronavirus epidemic was listed as a public health emergency of international concern.


As the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infections continues to spread, more and more research teams around the world are racing to develop the vaccine. According to incomplete statistics, more than 20 new crown vaccine projects at domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies and research institutes are being developed.


1. China CDC

2.University of Queensland, Australia

3. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

4.University of Saskatchewan, Canada

5. Wuhan Bowo Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

6. Translational Medicine Platform of Dongfang Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Tongji University

7. American biopharmaceutical company Inovio

8. The University of Hong Kong Medical School

9. Strategic Planning Center of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

10. Zhifei Biological and Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

11. British vaccine giant GlaxoSmithKline

12. Guanhao Biological cooperates with U.S. joint-stock company to research new crown virus vaccine

13. Imperial College London

14. Johnson & Johnson

15. University of Oxford

16. University of Cambridge

17. School of Pharmacy, Tsinghua University

18. State Key Laboratory of Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Diseases (Zhejiang University)

19. Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Zhejiang University First Hospital, Hangzhou Medical College

20. American Biological Company Moderna

21. College of Life Science, Tianjin University


Even if a vaccine completes the early proof-of-concept in the laboratory, it must go through complex animal protection tests, optimization of immunogen production processes (scale-up), preclinical toxicology research, application for approval, and clinical trials. In the end, it was approved by the State Food and Drug Administration for specific prevention or treatment links, so as to be truly safe and effective in the market and achieve vaccine market.


On February 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) hosted the Global Coronavirus Research Forum. The co-chair of the forum, Gini, said that four vaccine candidates are currently under development. About three to four months from now, one or two vaccines may enter human trials. But she emphasized that even if the trial is successful, the vaccine needs at least "12 to 18 months" to be widely available.


On February 21, the State Council Office held a press conference on scientific and technological innovation to support epidemic prevention and control. Xu Nanping, deputy minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that in terms of vaccine research and development, multiple routes are deployed to advance research and development. It is expected that the fastest vaccine will be applied for clinical trials around late April. At present, the development of vaccines for various technical routes in China is basically synchronized with foreign countries. In terms of animal models, we have completed the construction of mouse, monkey, and animal models of new crown virus infection, which provided scientific and technological support for drug screening, vaccine development, and research on the mechanism of virus transmission.


Zeng Yixin, deputy director of the National Health Commission, said that the vaccine development process is more complicated. Since the new crown virus is a new virus, there are still some uncertain factors. However, China's vaccine research and development technology has made great progress, and a number of high-level research and development teams have tackled it. The latest progress is the simultaneous development of 5 technical routes: inactivated vaccines, genetically engineered recombinant subunit vaccines, adenovirus vector vaccines, nucleic acid vaccines, and attenuated influenza virus vector vaccines.


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