Dingfeng Capacitor - - The company restores production and actively arranges protective work

Feb 29,2020

On February 22, the company has resumed work, and workers have returned to the company. So far, more than 80% of workers have returned to their posts. At present, the company has resumed production capacity, and customers are welcome to place orders.


After the production was resumed, the company seriously implemented the protection of employees. Before workers return to work, they must show a green bar code proving their health. (The green bar code indicates that the person has no history of contact with COVID-19 patients, and there are no symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever and cough.) After the workers return to work, configure masks for employees to protect the safety of each employee. During work, temperature measurements will be taken twice a day to check the health of employees.


With the exception of Wuhan, the number of newly confirmed COVID-19 patients has been well controlled. There has been no increase in COVID-19 patients in Zhejiang Province for 8 consecutive days.


The company's full-scale resumption of work is about to come. At that time, product delivery can be guaranteed. At present, due to the accumulation of orders caused by the Spring Festival and delayed construction, the product delivery period has been extended, and we are very sorry. The company will use its best efforts to complete the production and delivery of orders as soon as possible. Hope new and old customers will understand.



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