Dingfeng Capacitor - - Development and Principle of Metallized Film Capacitors

Mar 3,2020

Metallized film capacitors use polyester film or polypropylene film as a medium. Zinc-aluminum alloy is trapped on the surface of the film by a vacuum ingot method to form an electrode, and the capacitor is formed by non-inductive and electrodeless winding or lamination. Metallized film capacitors have the characteristics of high withstand voltage, high insulation resistance, good impedance frequency characteristics (smaller parasitic inductance), lower ESR, high capacity characterization, and low loss tangent.


Metallized film capacitors are used in electric energy meters for signal transmission, coupling, and voltage reduction. Metallized polyester film capacitors are used as coupling capacitors because of their high insulation resistance, which can couple AC signals or pulse signals to the subsequent stage without distress. At the same time, it does not affect the DC operating point of the subsequent stage. Metallized polypropylene film capacitors as step-down capacitors have low-frequency consumption tangent and high capacity stability. They can reduce high-voltage AC to low-voltage AC that meets the requirements of the subsequent stage of electricity, replacing the original transformer, making the product smaller and more efficient stable.


Metallized film capacitors have excellent electrical characteristics, high stability and long life, and can meet a variety of different applications. Capacitor manufacturers are constantly improving this product to provide greater capacitance in smaller package sizes. Capacitor manufacturers can optimize the characteristics of metallized film capacitors by selecting the appropriate dielectric based on the specific application.


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