Dingfeng Capacitor - - In the face of the COVID-19, we will face the difficulties together.

Mar 13,2020

At present, Italy has confirmed 15113 cases of COVID-19, with 1,016 deaths, the highest mortality rate in the world. Italy is facing a shortage of medical supplies and equipment. Italy sent an urgent appeal to China, hoping to get help from China to solve the urgent need.

Italy gave us valuable support during the most difficult time for China to fight the COVID-19. Now we also want to stand firmly with the Italian people. Although China still has a large demand for medical supplies, we still provide Italy with medical supplies such as masks. Academician Zhongnanshan also set off for Italy to support again.


A month ago, China was experiencing a major outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. The supplies are extremely scarce. Countries around the world have also sent a lot of supplies for China.

Italy organized a special plane to deliver the 2 tons of government-assisted medical supplies to Beijing.

South Korea donated 2 million masks, 1 million medical masks, 100,000 protective clothing and 100,000 pairs of goggles to China.

Japan donated 1 million masks and 100,000 sets of protective clothing to China.

Iran has used its national strength to urgently raise 1 million N95 masks to China.



With every warmth, China keeps in mind.


Now, with the improvement of China's epidemic situation and the deterioration of the foreign epidemic situation, China has begun to pay back to the world.


The Chinese embassy in South Korea urgently prepared 25,000 medical masks and sent them to the hardest-hit area. Previously, China had decided to assist South Korea with 1.1 million masks and 10,000 sets of medical protective clothing.

China donated 5,000 sets of protective clothing and 100,000 masks to Japan in batches, as well as a batch of new crown virus nucleic acid detection kits.

China has donated 250,000 masks and 5,000 detection kits to Iran. China also sent a team of experts to Iran. At the same time, Chinese medical treatment plans were translated into Persian and released to the Iranian public.

China is doing its best to repay the world and fight against COVID-19 with the rest of the world.


I wish the experts who went to Italy to return home safely and hope that the experience shared by Academician Zhongnanshan will help other countries and bless the world to return to normal.



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